Climb aboard the FET Express!

FET theatre trips have earned a well-deserved reputation for quality organization and excellent value.  Trips are organized annually to Montreal, Toronto, and the Stratford and Shaw Festivals.  All FET trips are exclusive to current members of FET. New members are always welcome.

Each trip to Montreal is a full-day excursion and includes two theatre performances and meals. The trips to Toronto are weekend trips and include accommodation, three performances plus a brunch event speaker. Meals are not otherwise included.

The Shaw and Stratford Festival trips are overnight trips. A unique feature of these trips is the opportunity for participants to select their shows and their accommodation. 

In the past trips to New York City and London (UK) were also organized. For various reasons these out-of-country trips will not be available for the forseeable future. 

Some comments from past trip participants:

Every organizational detail, perfect and trouble free.” M.H.

“I was so glad for the chance to go to Stratford and not have to drive. It is such a wonderful privilege to pick our own plays but you are the great one at getting good seats.” B.L.

“Thank you for a wonderful day. Both plays were exceptional and everything went so smoothly.  A true testament to your superior organizational skills. I'm just sorry that it's taken me so long to get myself organized to join you. I look forward to many more occasions with FET.”  E.K.

2018-2019 Trips:

Montreal:                           Once (Segal Theatre) and                             October 14                          Choir Boy (Centaur Theatre).                                            Click here for details, and here for registration form.

Montreal:                            A Doll's House (Segal Theatre) and          December 2                         Buffet Dinner (Chateau Montebello).                                             Click here for details, and here for registration form.

Montreal:                            The Shoplifters (Matinee, Centaur Theatre)    March 30                              Dinner at The Georgian House in Alexendria with                                             live music.                                                                                                                  Click here for details, and here for registration form.

Toronto:                              Opera and 2 Plays                                              April 26-28                           2 nights stay at Hotel Victoria                                             Click here for details and registration form.

Montreal:                             Indecent (Matinee at Segal Centre)                  May 5                                   Catered Luncheon at the Segal Lounge.                                             Click here for details, and here for registration form.

Shaw Festival:                     Choose the shows you see for yourself.             July 25-27                            Registration opens end February

Stratford Festival:                Choose the shows you see for yourself.  September 20-22                   Registration opens end February

Further information about theatre trips

For Montreal, Shaw and Stratford trips, Fran Pearl email or phone 613-726-9330

For Toronto trips, Diana Kirkwood email or phone 613 235 5358