In 2001 Marti Maraden, then Artistic Director of English Theatre at the National Arts Centre (NAC), approached a small band of theatre enthusiasts with the idea that a group of committed volunteers could make a difference to the work of the English Theatre.

Friends of English Theatre (FET) was launched and since then has become an important part of English Theatre at the NAC, supporting the department’s activities in several ways:

volunteering in various capacities, including special events

modest fundraising in support of play development and special projects

FET also organizes:

  1. regular theatre trips beyond Ottawa to broaden and enrich theatrical experiences

    1. social events devoted to discussion of plays presented by English Theatre.

FET Executive                                           

Chair: Mary Dawson

Secretary: Linda Wood

Treasurer: Maria Somjen

Membership Secretary: Fran Pearl

Volunteer Coordinator: Vera Kadar

Internal Communications: Vera Kadar

Trip Coordinators: Linda Wood, Fran Pearl

Members at Large: Linda Marchand

                             Russell Johnson

                             Suzy Juneau

                             Judy Pillai