Volunteering with Friends of English Theatre is fun and rewarding. Volunteer activities include:

  1. promoting the current theatre season

  2. ushering in the public for outreach events such as Point of View Saturdays

  3. greeting teachers for Teachers' Night

  4. helping sponsored seniors to attend designated performances

  5. occasionally assisting the lighting designer as a ‘light walker’ on the set during technical cuing sessions

  6. helping out with fundraising events 

  7. baking for various gatherings

  8. assisting the Magnetic North Theatre Festival


Family Day at the NAC is an annual special event taking place on the third Monday in February (a public holiday in Ontario). A memorable day of stories, games, interactive displays, and special workshops throughout the NAC, this special event, launched by English Theatre in 2011, features a cornucopia of hands-on activities for children and the people who love them. FET is a major sponsor for this event, and also provides the majority of volunteers required to make Family Day run smoothly. During the event, FET volunteers can be found doing everything from organizing the tickle trunk to helping children make paper boats to be launched in the fountain.


As a member of FET you will receive notices from our Volunteer Co-ordinator, Vera Kadar. The opportunity is offered for you to participate if you wish, but members are not obliged in any way.  Volunteers can take on as much or as little as fits their interests and their schedules. But one thing’s for sure – volunteering with FET is fun, exciting and sometimes has unexpectedly enriching results.