Through our theatre trips and occasional special events, FET engages in modest fundraising to support English Theatre’s special projects and new play development activities.


Currently, FET is the major supporter of Family Day, English Theatre’s annual special event for families in February. Past English Theatre projects supported by FET contributions include:


  1. the appointment of an education intern

  2. the training of an assistant director from Newfoundland

  3. the NAC/Ottawa International Children’s Festival co-production of The Odyssey 

  4. catering for the cast and crew of The Snow Show

  5. celebration of Shakespeare’s Birthday - a Renaissance Fair 

  6. Shakespeare in the Schools

  7. the March Break program which develops theatre skills for talented under-privileged youth

  8. •costume sales when called upon by the NAC Wardrobe department to sell off surplus costumes


At the end of Peter Hinton’s tenure as Artistic Director of English Theatre in 2012, FET wished to honour his very successful seven years with a contribution to the NAC Foundation directed toward the development of Aboriginal Theatre. This pays tribute to a cause very dear to his heart, and honours his initiative in bringing to each season a production created by Aboriginal artists. Similarly, a donation was made to the NAC Foundation to recognize his being awarded the Order of Canada in 2009.   


English Theatre: New Play Development Program

A special fund was created in 2005 to acknowledge Marti Maraden’s achievements over eight years as Artistic Director of English Theatre at the National Arts Centre. Since that time we’ve continued to honour special people by making further contributions to the fund. For example,  in 2010, we honoured the many years of service to English Theatre by Victoria Steele, former Managing Director, NAC English Theatre.

We also continue to donate to the New Play Development Fund to honour the memory of past members who gave exceptional service to our organization. In this way we remember with much affection and appreciation the work of Alan Wheatley, Joan Ayotte, George Kadar and Peter Dawson.