COSTUME SALE October 7, 2014 FET`s costume sale held at the FourthSmiley face Stage was a huge success. More than 150 anxious shoppers waited patiently for the doors to open and most of them left with some treasured pieces. With the help and guidance of many enthusiastic volunteers the majority of the costumes were sold within the first hour and sales exceeded $14,000!! In addition to the general public, buyers included museums and theatre companies.

LONDON THEATRE ADVENTURE October 6 to 14,2014. 14 happy theatre lovers enjoyed 7 days in London to experience some of the very best British Theatre. They attended shows at the National Theatre, The Old Vic,Smiley face the Shakespeare's Globe as well as a West End musical.
Three guided walks were included in the programme : a backstage tour of the venerable Old Vic, a tour of Shakespeare's Globe which included a demonstration of Elizabethan dressing , and a tour of London's theatre venues. This last tour concluded with a visit to the Royal Opera house at Covent Garden upstairs offering a fabulous view of the lively market area below. (Here's a little known secret about the Royal Opera house: their magnificent upstairs cafe is open to the public most days until 3:00pm)

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OTTAWA, February 2015
The Family Day BAKESALE staffed by FET volunteers.
Another great success.

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MONTREAL, March 2015
The theatre trip to Montreal featured two very enjoyable performances:The Goodnight Bird by Colleen Murphy at the Centaur Theatre and We Are Not Alone by Damien Atkins at the Segal Theatre. The Goodnight Bird starred Nicola Cavendish seen here (right) talking to an very anthusiatic FET fan and friend after the show.

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Some FET members who couldn't wait for the performance at the Segal to begin.